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Dog Agility Training Equipment - JUMP/ item no. : HL50-509

Dog Agility Training Equipment - JUMP

This is a great opportunity for to get involved with the fastest growing canine sport over the last few years. These kits provide interactive fun, excitement and exercise for both pets and people. Almost all dogs and breeds can participate in this miniaturized version of official dog agility equipment. Each complete kit includes multiple obstacles and components. The Dog Agility Starter Kit contains a larger round tunnel, while the Doggie Obstacle Course includes a smaller square tunnel and smaller packaging. Includes Training Tips Booklet. What is Agility? An agility course is like an amusement park for your dog. The dog takes cues from a handler to make his way through an obstacle course while racing against the clock or other dogs. Strengthens Dog/Human Bond Enhances the bond between dog and human. Keeps your dog's senses sharpened, body properly exercised and brain occupied. Easy to Learn Unlike many other dog sports and competitive activities, dog agility is relatively easy to learn and most dogs can do well and have fun with minimum training. Includes training tips booklet. About the Kit... Enhance your dog's natural abilities as they maneuver their way through an obstacle course guided by a handler. Provides quality exercise for both dog and human

General Information:

1.We can produce these items on OEM basis.

2.All the products are of China origin

3.Enquiries will be entertained if they met the minimum order quantity (m.o.q) as mentioned with item.

4.Sample lead time 7-15 days subject to product nature.

5.Production lead time 30 days subject to product nature and sample approval time, quantity etc.


Per set: 12pcs/set



Dog Agility Training Equipment - JUMP
Dog Agility Training Equipment - JUMP
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