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Dog training whistle / M06/ item no. : HL50-162

Dog training whistle / M06

High quality Adjustable scale dog training whistle with the chain

Acme Dog Training whistles, npb-silent - High Frequency - Adjustable

This silent dog training whistle is suitable to training your dog. It can hear by dog, but not the humans. The voice from the whistle can reach even 400 yards ( direction and strength of wind may affect the distance ). This top-of-the-line whistle is extremely precision and wondful for your dog for training.

  1. Dogs can hear the sound from this training whistle up to 400 yards.
  2. Silent Dog Training Whistle.
  3. Adjustable scale.
  4. Copper / chrome plated finish.
  5. Chain line for easy carry.


Weight 1.9kg

Size : 8.6cm x0.8cm
Length : 17cm
Material : cooper

Dog training whistle / M06
Dog training whistle / M06
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