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i Click dog training clicker with ring/ item no. : HL50-155

i Click dog training clicker with ring

This easy-to-use Training Clicker provides an easy way to reinforce positive behaviors and communicate more effectively with any pet. Clickers emit a two-toned signal to replace the verbal praise that the dog learns to associate with appropriate behavior. Cues dogs that their behavior will be rewarded for faster, stress-free training.

  1. Plastic clickers feature a metal noise emitter.
  2. Fits in a pocket for easy access.
  3. Can also be used with many pets, including cats, horses, birds, etc.

Customers feedback
  • This is an essential training tool. It can be placed on a lanyard so it is always available to you. It makes a distinctive sound which is essential for training by positive reinforcement.
i Click dog training clicker with ring
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