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!NEW! Remote control dog training CONSTRICTION + VIBRATION + SOUND collar/ item no. : HL50-010

!NEW! Remote control dog training CONSTRICTION + VIBRATION + SOUND collar

NEW possibility to training your dog safe and humane. Highly efficient electronic product for pet education. NO ELECTRIC SHOCK! Our new product use special collar with new technology of constriction / tightness + vibration + sound. Easy to give know to your dog which behavior is not welcome.

The remote control training collar is the product that you can use to train your dog remotely. With this product, you can let your dog receive your orders or change his / her bad behaviors, such as running away, tracking others, stealing food, digging dirty soil and attacking passersby. After being trained with the product, the dog will stop the mentioned behaviors mentioned above, even if the master isn't on the scene.

Working principle :

With a wireless remote control device (remote controller) and a receiver collar (receiver for short) worn around the dog's neck, the master can effectively control the aggressive dog by sending action orders to it. The remote control distance of this product is about 250 meters (the valid distance may vary depending on the environment). The product can send out seven different orders depending on your need: three kinds of action orders (three kinds of sounds and vibrations), three kinds of warning signals ( strong / medium / weak three different degrees of collar tightness ), and a calling order (SOS Morse Mode), to regulate the dog's instant behaviors. After being trained by the product, the dog will understand the orders from the master more quickly, knowing which behaviors are prohibited and which are expected.

Specification :
  • Working range up to 820 feet / 250 meters.
    • Length : 85mm / Height : 40mm / Width : 20mm
    • Weight 127g ( module + battery + nylon collar )
    • Collar length adjustable from 20 to 50cm
    • Power : lithium rechargeable battery (supplied)
    • Shockproof and water resistant.

    • Length : 120mm / Height : 25mm / Width : 45mm
    • Weight : 90g (with battery)
    • Power : 1x 9V 6F22 battery (supplied)
    • LED signal light.

  • Water Resistant

!NEW! Remote control dog training CONSTRICTION + VIBRATION + SOUND collar
!NEW! Remote control dog training CONSTRICTION + VIBRATION + SOUND collar
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