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STOP dog barking collar - SHOCK / rechargeable + adjustable sensitivity / S01/ item no. : HL50-058

STOP dog barking collar - SHOCK / rechargeable + adjustable sensitivity / S01

Humanely Stops barking with progressively static shock. User adjustable sensitivity control lets you "tune" the microphone to your dog's individual voice.

The characters of our product :
  1. The newest intelligent transmission system is capable to identify the sound of the dogs and will make static to restrain the dog automatically. Besides, the stop function wont work if the sound isnt from the right dog. In that case, we can avoid making mistakes.
  2. The set wont make static at the first bark, but if the bark last, the static will get stronger gradually from the second bark to the sixth bark. And if the bark continue even at the strongest static level the set will stop automatically for about 2 minutes and then get right.
  3. The impulse static is safe and effective. Just like we touch the electrostatic objects, surprisingly and innocuously.
  4. The allowable bark degree is adjustable. The master can decide the bark degree according to their need.
  5. The small batteries are easy to change. It costs a little electric power while working and the life of batteries standing by can last more than 60 days.
  6. The nylon collar is easy to adjust and comfortable to wear.
  7. The waterproof collar is small and light.
Devices include :
  1. Waterproof design of electrostatic devices for one dog
  2. Wearing nylon collar / easy to adjust
  3. Rechargeable micro-battery CR2032 1 + 1
  4. For a variety of long-length coat / short detection of column 1 + 1
  5. One Test light bulb
  6. Woof regulation to allow a special degree of a screwdriver
  7. One Chargers
STOP dog barking collar - SHOCK / rechargeable + adjustable sensitivity / S01
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