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STOP dog barking collar - SPRAY/ item no. : HL50-056

STOP dog barking collar - SPRAY

Humanely Stops barking without any shock. A harmless burst of lemon scented spray from this collar will help you to stop your dog barking.

The safe and humane way to deter excessive barking. This unique dog collar is equipped with a battery-operated, electronic bark-sensing unit. The adjustable collar releases an all-natural citronella spray when your dog barks. The harmless citrus smell and quick action of the spray mist startles and confuses the pet's highly developed olfactory sense, causing him to stop barking. This method is reported by the manufacturer to be twice as effective as electric shock.

  1. High effective bark control collar with harmless burst of citronella in spray.
  2. Adjustable stretch collar to fit different sizes of dog.
  3. High intelligent voice recognition feature minimizes false triggering.
  4. Powered by battery in collar.
  5. Water resistant construction.
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STOP dog barking collar - SPRAY
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