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STOP dog barking collar - VIBRATION + STATIC SHOCK/ item no. : HL50-059

STOP dog barking collar - VIBRATION + STATIC SHOCK

Pet bark stop collar + Vibration + Static / Pet training

How it works :

When the pet bark, the generator through the probe vibration to stimulate the pet's vocal cords ordered it to stop barking, such as the vibration continued 1 minute products began to release static electricity to stimulate the animals, in order to achieve the purpose of a warning pet to stop barking. (This product must be in a sound and vibration simultaneously circumstances that work to prevent other pets bark and error to stimulate the love of your pet).

How :
  1. to ensure that the battery switch in the "OFF / off" state
  2. Make your pet a comfortable love to stand up
  3. will be wearing this product in your pet's neck, the love, the host part of the neck must be aligned to its next (chin below)
  4. regulating the wearing (Note: wearing can not be emphasized too tight to ensure the discharge probe and love pet's collar can be placed in a finger)
  5. Open the battery switch (in the "ON / open state)
  6. LED lantern flashes once every 5 seconds the green light to start work product
  7. When the LED light flashes once every 5 seconds when the red light is required to replace the battery
  8. Battery Replacement: Twist open bow, remove the old batteries, put both pieces of new zinc battery 3V (Note that the battery positive and negative direction)

Battery life: Normal use for 4 ~ 6 months, in order to save battery when not in use, turn off the battery switch (hit the "OFF /" off state).

STOP dog barking collar - VIBRATION + STATIC SHOCK
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