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Wireless indoor dog FENCE system with electric shock collar/ item no. : HL50-101

Wireless indoor dog FENCE system with electric shock collar

Indoor dog fence containment system is used to keep pets out of certain areas in your house. Operation area radius is about 3 metres. The indoor hidden / wireless dog fence system is safe, easy and effective. Just place the small, disk-shaped transmitter (about the size of a Cup lid) near the area you want to protect, such as a doorway into a room or a section of the house. Then adjust the range around 3 meters. Your pet then wears the receiver that is used. The transmitter plugs into a standard outlet and emits a invisible radio signal. A light weight receiver is worn on your dog's collar which picks up the radio collar signal and alerts your dog as he nears the boundary. Once your dog is properly trained he will learn to stay out of the boundaries designate as off limits.

The system work in two mode of warning. The first mode is shock after vibration, the second mode is only vibration ( the shock is closed ) The first mode is used in training, at that time, the master should train the pet patiently. When the pet strays into an area that's off-limits, it will make a warning sound "BB" until the pet leaves the area, and the receiver in the collar will give a vibration warning signal to remind the pet of leaving quickly. If the pet rejects to leave, the two metal probes in the receiver will make static shock and vibration which will make the pet too uncomfortable to leave. If only the pet leaves the off-limits area in time, the static shock won't work. The second mode should be used after successfully training the pet. This kind of mode has closed the shock function. If the pet strays into the area that's off-limits, it will only receive vibration warning. After being trained several times, the pet will learn to stay out of the off-limits area. Even without the product in the future, it won't approach to the area again.

  1. High effective bark control collar with harmless burst of citronella in spray.
  2. Adjustable stretch collar to fit different sizes of dog.
  3. High intelligent voice recognition feature minimizes false triggering.
  4. Powered by battery in collar.
  5. Water resistant construction.
  • Length : 35mm / Height : 65mm / Width : 35mm
  • Weight 90g ( module + battery + nylon collar )
  • Collar length adjustable from 20 to 50cm
  • Power : 2x 1.5V AAA battery (supplied)
  • Shockproof and water resistant.

  • Size : 80 x 15mm
  • Weight : 67g (with battery)
  • Power : 2x 1.5V AAA battery (supplied)
  • Computer Enhanced 2.4GHZ global advanced frequency
  • Each piece in color box, dimensions: 17 x 13.5 x 4.5cm, weight 258g.
  • Carton : 42pcs / 44 x 34 x 34cm
  • N.W. : 13kg, G.W. : 14kg

Customers feedback
  • I was having trouble with my 20lb tabby cat "Bob" wanting to share my pillow (ie: push my head off the pillow) or also sleep on my head at night, there by suffocating me. I needed a solution that would keep him out of my face, but would allow my other cat "Katie" to sleep at the foot of my bed (where a proper indoor cat should.)
    I could not find a cat system that I could easily afford, so I purchased the dog system and modified the collar to make it cat safe. I tested it on myself and found the shock was very mild. If your familiar with remote trainers the shock is much more mild. (I've used a remote trainer in Flyball to train the chase out of my border collie)
    The system works wonderfully. I have not had a problem with my over-affectionate Bob Kitty sleeping on my face since I started using it over 6 months ago. In fact I'm considering a second transmitter for my brand new leather couch that he thinks was purchased for his exclusive pleasure.
  • We've got a two story home, and did not want our dog going upstairs. Tried ugly wooden gates, which are a pain for us humans to have to use each and every time we or the kids want to go up or down the stairs. Plus, face it, gates are ugly. Finally found this product and took a chance. My enthusiastic 40 lb dog has NEVER tried to cross it. No mess, no fuss, no problem ... wow, wish I'd have found this a year ago! My dog wore the collar for a month straight, then last week I took it off her and she still won't try the stairs! I now have control again. Thank you thank you.
Wireless indoor dog FENCE system with electric shock collar
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